Friday, May 25, 2018

Coleene's Birthday party invitation for Jeff

Hi bloggers we have been reading a class novel and it is called there's a boy in the girls bathroom it is a funny book and today I will be showing you my Colleen's birthday party invitation to Jeff fishkin that is a new boy in the school that has no friends but there is this horrible boy called Bradley Chalkers and everyone in the whole school hates him and he  became  a little bit  friends with Jeff then the girls had a fight with Bradley Chalkers because they always say hi to the boys and Bradley gets annoyed and Melinda Coleen's friend was fighting with him and she fought him she gave him a black eye and one time Jeff went to see Carla (the school councillor) and he told her that he gave Bradley a black eye and all the boys cheered for him and they all were friends they all hated Bradley and Coleen and her friends didn't know that Jeff is turning into Bradley and Bradley turned into Jeff and Coleen wanted to invite Jeff when he only had one ugly friend and now they know he has 8 friends check out my invitation that I created using google drawings:

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hi bloggers to day I am going to tell you about Orienteering!!we did orienteering in the last few weeks and today we are going to do it again!! I am so excited because I think orienteering is so fun.In the last few weeks we did a fun activity it was kind of like a game the girls were a team and team boys were a team there were two circles that were made out of sticks that have letters on top of them and we got a piece of paper that has all the letters that are in the circle whenever we find the letter we clip it and if you want to know who won the boys won they finished before the girls.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Staying copyright safe

Today in cybersmart we were learning How to stay copyright safe we made each person in my class made a post about staying copyright safe and this is my one.