Friday, August 30, 2019

Duffy Books!!

Hey Bloggers!,

I hope you are having fun out there! The school was very fortunate to get some knew Duffy books! At the beginning of the term we chose four books we really wanted and after a few weeks we would got them witch was yesterday!!! The Duffy company would pick 2 books out of the four you picked. We really appreciated the books we got from the Duffy company. Here is a photo of Williams class with their knew books!!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Basketball Fun

Kiora bloggers,

Today was Williams classes second basketball lesson. In this lesson we learned different passes. the passes were called Over head, Shoulder ( right and left ), Chest pass and Bounce pass.

 In this activity we were buddied up.The first pass we learnt was Chest pass and we had to do 30 of those. The next one is the bounce pass imagine there was a line and you have to bounce the ball on the other side of the line and your partner catches it. There was also a shoulder pass it's when you put both of your hands on one side of your shoulder and pass it to your buddy. The last pass witch was the hardest was over the head.

We all learned many new tricks with playing and had so much. In this lesson I learnt that if you are in a basketball game and you lift your foot at the back and refuee sees you do that he/ she will take the ball of you and give it to the other team.

My favourite activity in this lesson was the game "ball tag" I had so much fun playing it. But sadly the boys won with 6 people out. The girls only had 2 people out.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Basketball blast

Kiora bloggers,

Today was our first lesson with coach Jilal. Jilal taught us many basketball skills, we had so much fun! We firstly learned how to stance. A stance is when you pretend you are sitting on an imaginary chair and put our hands up in the air the coach said that that was our catching position. After that we learned how to dribble with both our right and left hands. We buddied up with a partner and shared a ball. When we dribbled we had to keep our head up to see what was going on. We then had to bounce the ball in  a V shape. The coach taught us how to pivot. Pivoting is when you have the ball and you turn around with one leg glued or stuck to the floor. We ended the session with a fun game called golden child, bout we played it in a different way. The tam that was running needed to dribble a ball all the way around the courts and the other team was shooting the winning team was the shooting team

Here are some photos of me playing:

I hope you enjoy see you later!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

reading task ! (weapon drawing and follow up)

Good afternoon! ,

Our reading task this week was all about a book called Tarakura of the Rangitaiki plains. It was all about a man who was a warrior If you would like to know more about the story read this :

Once upon a time there was a warrior. This warrior was named Iratumoana he was very strong and respected by everyone.In those days there was a taniwha that was the only match for him. Iratumoana got very angry he wanted to beat the taniwha. So he went one night looking for the taniwha and when he found the taniwha and he started fighting and won the fight.

here is my drawing of the weapon he used :

 See you later bye.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Genesis visit

G,day bloggers,

Yesterday our school was very happy and lucky to have Jenny and Jess from Genesis. They taught us all about energy and how our electricity works. Did you know that electricity uses energy ? Well we do actually  use energy for our electricity. So what the ladies did first was that they talked all about energy and electricity . They also told us four natural ways of how they made electricity. The four ways are made out of water, gas, solar power panels - sun and last but not least is wind .Then at the end they picked two children to come up and do an experiment to see how much harder or easier it is to light 2 light bulb's one is the $9 d one the other is the $1 one but the 1 dollar one uses more energy witch is not very good. I hope you enjoyed ! here are some pictures of some children in our class trying the light machine :

                                                               the $9 light bulb
                                                           the $ 1 light bulb
                                                                the $9 light bulb
                                                                  the $ 1 light bulb
                                                                          the $9 light bulb

                                                                         the $9 light bulb

Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to show the Hay Park way

Good morning bloggers,

Today I will be sharing with you a YouTube clip that me and some friends made. This video is about how to show the Hay Park way and if there is some new students coming to this awesome school please watch this video and hopefully it will help you with how to show the Hay Park way and show you how to be kind and help other's. Here it is I hope enjoy : click here

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Football Fun !!

Good afternoon bloggers,

At Hay Park School we were lucky enough to have Daniel come over and teach us some football skill's. After the end of the last session we were all very sad to not have football any more , but we then wrote a football reflection here is mine I hope you enjoy !! :