Friday, July 7, 2017

pest traker

Good morning bloggers

Today I am going to tell you about how we made our pest tracker the things we need are a:

empty milk bottle,
tin foil,
big cut rubbish bags,
two or one milk bottle lids,
peanut butter,
food colouring,
the first step is to poke a little hole into the milk bottle and then continue cuting until you nearly get to the end. After that with the milk bottle we wrap it with the rubbish bag and tape it. The next step is to make a little holder of the tin foil or a little plate for the sponge,next we grab the tea spoon,the milk bottle lids and the peanut butter. Then we put some peanut butter on the lids and we stick it with the tape inside the bottle then we get the sponge and we put it in the little plate of tin foil that we made and also you put the food colouring on the sponge and then that's it know you can go and put your trackers in the bushes!!!!!!!!!!

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